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Dwarf Fortress Backup Assistant

Inspired by Minecraft Backup Assistant

Manages and backs up your saved games for Dwarf Fortress by Bay 12 Games. Screenshot
Version screenshot

Implemented Features

  • Back up to ZIP, with or without timestamp
  • Optionally erase save game after backing up
  • Restore from ZIP, to custom save name
  • User-configured folder for storing backup files
  • Shortcut on File menu to Launch Game

Planned Features

  • Store metadata about each backup, i.e. World/Fortress/Group name, year, season, user comment, date/time last saved
  • Shortcut to copy/move saves and backups, i.e. to Dropbox or a USB drive, or switching to a new DF release
  • Shortcuts to change DF settings for save compression and autosaving

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